Terms & Conditions

Below are our standard term and conductions, please read them before booking lessons.

Lesson Cancellations

  • Ling's instructors require 48 hours notice for lesson cancellations by pupils. Failure to comply will lead to the pupil being charged for the lesson.
  • From time to time an instructor may have reason to cancel a lesson. If so, the instructor will contact the pupil to arrange a mutually agreeable alternative date and time for the lesson.
  • Ling's instructors retain the right to cancel a lesson and charge the pupil for the full cost of the lesson if they believe that pupil is intoxicated or unfit to drive.

Test Booking

  • At Lings we believe that we are teaching our pupils a life skill and to be safe on the roads. Therefore, we will only present pupils for their practical driving test when we deem that the pupil is ready.
  • Pupils are required to pay for the cost of 2 hours of tuition on the day of their practical driving test in addition to any fees paid to the DSA.

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